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Contemporary Art Forum Kitchener & Area (CAFKA)

Artists' interpretation of truth as it exists in a digitally-driven world

From September 18 to October 4 2009, CAFKA presented its seventh invitational exhibition of contemporary visual art in public spaces entitled Veracity. Veracity refers to notions of questioning truth in a world that is dominated by digital images. 

Capturing this theme through their own unique installations were featured local and international artists such as David Atkinson and James Nye, David Hoffos, Isabella Stefanescu, Carlito Ghioni, Klaus Engel and Pipilotti Rist, among others.

Christie supported the artists’ visions with a suite of projectors that showcased a variety of digital image-based art, from installations that took an observer back to the early days of cinema to interactive art that had passers-by creating digital graffiti.   Christie projectors also beamed videos nightly atop Kitchener City Hall’s Berlin Tower.


The combination of self-reflective art and Christie’s projection allowed CAFKA to present the artists’ interpretation of truth as it exists in a digitally-driven world, in a manner that was engaging, participatory and accessible to the public in a civic space.


I Heart Video Art
; Curated by Artistic Director of CAFKA, Rob Ring.  Featured video by Guy Ben-Ner, Daniel Cockburn, Alison S.M. Kobayashi, Meesoo Lee, Daito Manabe, Lynne Marsh, Steve Reinke, Pascual Sisto, Smith & Stewart, Lee Walton, William Wegman, John Wood and Paul Harrison. Opening night: A Christie LX500 and Christie LX650 projector and 2 Christie LX700 projectors. 
Comments, Artistic Director, Rob Ring on I Heart Video Art: “Rather than the usual "sit down, be quiet & watch" format we treated it more like a sports bar. Projections and monitors everywhere, all playing synched content...a visual feast.”
David Hoffos; Japanese Garden – Christie LX500, Christie LX650 and Christie LX700 projectors

The 3 Christie projectors beamed David Hoffos' installation in the Tannery Building.  3 channels of video projected this serene scene shot in a Japanese Garden.  The images were projected onto a sculpted surface which had been meticulously sculpted to split the simulated environment into convincing layers of depth.  The result was an incredibly convincing 3D projection of the garden, with moving water & wildlife.

Isabella Stefanescu, Carlito Ghioni, Klaus Engel; American Shot 

A Christie Roadster S+12K rear-projected images of passers-by onto a treated window, which was viewed from the outside.  The effect was achieved with an interactive installation that incorporated a screen which served as both a real and simulated mirror.  The act of responding to one’s reflection -- choosing a position, looking backwards and self-examination -- are stances to which the screen responds with a story determined by the spectator’s attention and point of view. 

Graffiti Research Lab; Laser Tag, Eye Writer – A Christie LX700 projector (Laser Tag) and  1 Christie Roadster S+16K projector (Eye Writer)

  • Laser Tag: The Christie LX700 projector beamed participants’ graffiti art work in various locations throughout downtown Kitchener. Participants used the green Laser Tag pointer to create digital graffiti messages in venues where they normally would be unable to and without damage to property.
  • Eye Writer:  Using a Christie Roadster S+16K projector and eye tracking devices, users were able to create digital laser tag effects on the building sides of Kitchener City Hall using nothing but the movement of their eyes. 

Kitchener City Hall, Berlin Tower – Video by Swiss artist Pipilotti Rist; Open My Glade (Flatten) – Dual Christie Roadster HD18K projectors showed Rist's series of videos, consisting of slow motion, super close-ups that included flying camera work and intense colours.

Rob Ring, Artistic Director, CAFKA: “With the help of Christie, this year’s artists fully expressed themselves using high-end digital projectors that they normally do not have access to.  For artists who normally use a consumer-based 2000 lumens projector, the Christie projectors offered a level of brightness that really allows the artists’ vision and creation to shine through with tremendous impact. Our partnership with Christie has made CAFKA attractive to international video-based artists and facilitated projects that otherwise would have been very difficult to fund and showcase.”

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    Contemporary Art Forum Kitchener and Area (CAFKA)
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    Ontario, Canada
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    Christie LX500, Christie LX650, 2 x Christie LX700, Christie Roadster S+12K, Christie Roadster S+16K and Christie Roadster HD18K