Customer Story

Data Display Audio Visual Company

Data Display used Christie MicroTiles for their client, Baker Hughes, at the 2011 Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, Texas.

Christie MicroTiles provide stunning digital solutions for Data Display Audio Visual Company

Data Display Audio Visual Company, the premiere audio visual experts based in Texas, know a thing or two about displaying data in an eye-catching, compelling way. Some of their biggest clients in the oil and gas service industry turn to them for advice and support for setting up booths at trade shows worldwide. It is little surprise, then, that Data Display has turned to Christie® MicroTiles® as their solution of choice for representing clients.

Shawn Rockefeller, vice president at Data Display, raves about the newest in digital technology for use at conventions and trade shows. “In our business, we use digital signage and technologies for various purposes — information display, signage, software and product demos — basically storytelling at its best. It’s our job to find new and exciting things for our customers, so we are always trying to do something different. We stay in the forefront when it comes to display technology because we need to impress our clients and their clients! We knew MicroTiles were something we could sell to our customers — they are high res, they have that ‘wow factor’ and they are highly regarded in the industry."

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    Data Display Audio Visual Company
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    Houston, Texas, U.S.A.
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    Christie MicroTiles