Customer story

Defence Research and Development Canada – Toronto

Christie Matrix StIMs chosen for Hercules Observer Trainer

In the world of cutting-edge simulation training, Canada’s Department of National Defence is making some impressive gains. Defence Research and Development Canada and the Canadian Forces Aerospace Warfare Centre have partnered to advance training methods for the Royal Canadian Air Force. Recently they improved their state-of-the-art Hercules Observer Trainer (HOT) by adding two Christie® Matrix StIM projectors.

A loadmaster is an aircrew member on military transport aircraft. CC-130J loadmasters are an important element in the mission success and survivability of the aircraft and flight crew. They are responsible for visually scanning the air and ground outside the pilot’s view — their observations are used for everything from search and rescue, air-to-air refueling, and monitoring the space around the aircraft while on the ground. In hostile environments, loadmasters report air-to-air and air-to-ground threats. This training is logistically and financially challenging — it was previously done using classroom lectures and practice in live flight with low-fidelity threats. The HOT allows loadmasters to train on the ground, in a dynamic, interactive virtual environment, at a fraction of the cost.

Quick Facts

  • Customer
    Defence Research & Development
    Canada – Toronto
  • Location
    CFB Trenton - 8 Wing, ON, Canada
  • Partners
    Renaissance Sciences Corporation
  • Products
    Two Christie Matrix StIM projectors
    Christie TWIST
    Christie MotoBlend