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Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week” 25th anniversary celebration

Projected shark silhouettes moved menacingly through the pool.

The average television series only runs for about five years. So when Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week” marked its 25th anniversary in August 2012, Discovery Channel threw a celebratory event at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles, and played host to friends of the network, producers, the press and members of the Television Critics Association.

Sharks were the theme of the evening. Guests ate shark-fin-topped cupcakes and sharks’ favorite food — sushi. Event sponsor, Volkswagen, provided a Beetle-shaped shark cage, and a giant sand sculpture at the entrance featured a fearsome shark.

The poolside façade of the Beverly Hilton served as a giant screen where video footage of sharks swimming, jumping, biting and circling set an exciting tone. Of course the pool was filled with sharks too.

“I love the [Christie] Nitro. It was such a good tool for this application.”
Bart Kresa, Principal, BARTKRESA Design

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