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Drive-In Theatre Digital Conversions, Texas

Drive-in digital conversions look bright thanks to Christie

Drive-in movie theatres have always faced their fair share of technical challenges. Most notably, high levels of ambient light coupled with the limited amount of light that could be thrown on the screen has had a serious impact on the quality of projected images. Now, two multi-screen drive-ins in Texas have found a solution with digital technology from Christie®. Thanks to the installation of Christie CP2230 projectors, both facilities are now enjoying brighter, sharper images and top-notch reliability on their outdoor screens.

Big Sky Drive-In in Midland, Texas

Sam Kirkland opened Big Sky Drive-In Theatre in Midland, Texas in October 2005 with two big screens and two 35mm projectors. The facility expanded to three screens in 2007. As partner and co-owner of Big Sky, Kirkland jumped at the chance to convert to digital pictures when the opportunity arose. The thriving business houses huge screens, with the largest being 45ft by 90ft (10.7m x 21.3m) and the possibility of solving the ambient light issue was too tempting. Said Kirkland, “The digital pictures on the screen are awesome, and they are so bright – even in ambient light.”

​Lamont Furlow, general manager of Big Sky Drive-In, concurs. As a lifelong student of the drive-in theatre process, born into the industry by parents who managed a local drive-in, he was used to seeing dull, fuzzy images and experiencing light-related issues. Furlow was relieved that the installation was hassle-free with Christie. “I’m not really computer literate, but when we had some initial challenges the first week, I called Christie. They talked us through the situation and the show started on time,” he said. “Now, it’s in perfect focus. When we first screened a movie in digital, I couldn’t believe it was my screen. We couldn’t be more pleased.”

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