Customer Story

Georgia Theatre Company

Moving to digital cinema with Christie Managed Services "the smartest decision"

Complete digital conversion of 65 screens before release of "Avatar" December 18 Integration of existing supplier services and minimized disruption to existing exhibition schedules
 In just under 40 days, Christie Managed Services installed 65 digital cinema projectors in seven different locations - eight of which were RealD 3D installations. To make the transitions smooth, projector pedestals were pre-loomed in the pre-staging integration facilities in Cypress. In most instances, the existing film projectors were removed, the electrical work completed, the digital cinema projectors installed, tested and on-screen by the first show the following day. All required installations were completed in time to capitalize on the 3D release of Avatar.

Successful implementation of digital cinema rollout prior to "Avatar" launch December 18, GTC able to capitalize on increased 3D audiences and ticket prices , Excellent utilization of digital technology, 3D technology in terms of revenue per screen , No theatre was down for longer than 2 days - minimizing revenue loss and Peace of mind for consistent, continuous operation of digital cinema screens.

Quick Facts

  • Customer:
    Georgia Theatre Company (GTC)
  • Location:
    Georgia, USA
  • Configuration:
    65 x Christie CP2000-ZX