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Guangdong Mobile

Christie control room technology support Guangdong mobile 24/7 NOC

China Mobile Communications Group Guangdong Co., Ltd (Guangdong Mobile), a fully owned subsidiary of China Mobile Communcations Corporation, is China's largest telecommunications operator and provider. Its main business includes mobile voice, data, IP telephony and multimedia services, as well as operation of interational gateway services and internet portability for Guangdong, China's most populous province, and ranks near the top in terms of total cell phone usage nationally.

"With the Christie RPMSP-D132U 80 display solution, we can better monitor the traffic movement across the mobile network, effectively facilitating the collaboration, control and monitoring of network activities and operations. This ability to centralize control of the network results in faster response time to our customers as it allows NOC operators the ability to not only monitor but oversee all this mission critical activity, and to analyze and interact with it in real time."

- Mr. Chen, Manager, NOC equipment department at Guangdong Mobile


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