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Japan's National Institute for Fusion Science

CompleXcope, a CAVE® VR system enables scientific visualization and interactive 3D data analysis

Virtual reality (VR) has helped scientists achieve breakthroughs in their research. Japan’s National Institute for Fusion Science has gone a step further by creating CompleXcope, a CAVE® VR system installed at its Theory and Computer Simulation Center.

CompleXcope enables scientific visualization and interactive three-dimensional (3D) data analysis of supercomputer simulations on 3D complex phenomena including nuclear fusion plasma, fluid dynamics, molecular dynamics of polymers and others.

Playing an integral role in the CAVE VR system are four Christie Mirage projectors. The CAVE configuration comprises three soft screens for the walls and one hard screen for the floor. Each screen measures 10-foot by 10-foot. Four Christie projectors using four mirrors display stereo color images generated by an SGI ONYX2 graphic workstation. The wall screen images are rear-projected and the floor screen image is front-projected from a ceiling-mounted Mirage 2000 projector.

A magnetic tracking system is used for real-time detection of spatial position/direction of liquid crystal shutter stereo glasses and a wanda - a portable controller with three buttons and a joystick.

The Mirage projectors deployed at the National Institute for Fusion Science are based on high resolution SXGA 3-chip DLP™ technology that ensures brightness and image clarity.

Christie Mirage series of projectors are the first DLP™ 3D projectors in the world designed exclusively for the virtual reality and simulation market. Faster than conventional LCD, the DMD technology synchronizes the left and right fields required for stereo imaging without time lag, ghosting, or other artifacts – resulting in more accurate color reproduction and uniformity.

"Christie's breakthrough in 3D projection has put us in a better position to make advances in scientific research," said Mr. Yuichi Tamura, research associate, National Institute for Fusion Science.

CAVE® is a registered trademark of the University of Illinois Board of Trustees.

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    Japan's National Institute for Fusion Science
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    4 Mirage DLP® projectors