Customer Story

Knox Presbyterian Church

The light-filled sanctuary houses two Christie projectors.

Letting the light shine through

Hundreds of years ago, when most people were illiterate, the Church would teach Bible stories through plays, paintings and stained glass windows.

“Today, with visual media, people still learn more visually than they do from auditory media,” states Reverend Brooke Ashfield, minister at Knox Presbyterian Church in Waterloo, Ontario. Speaking of the projection system that was installed in the newly-built church Ashfield continues “…it’s the modern stained glass.”

The Church recently moved into a new building located just yards from their old location in the center of Uptown Waterloo. When thinking of their mission and mandate for the coming years, the consensus was that the Church “belonged in the core” of the city where they could play a central role in the life of the community. “...We are walking distance to both universities, we’re at the main intersection between the universities and the shopping district, there’s the... shopping center right across the street… so there’s a steady stream of pedestrian traffic, and bicycle traffic and the connection between residential area and the commercial area” explains Ashfield.

Quick Facts

  • Customer
    Knox Presbyterian Church
  • Partners
    Dynamix Professional Video Systems
  • Location
    Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
  • Products
    Christie Roadster S+12K projector
    Christie DS+10K-M projector
    Christie LX505 projector