Customer Story

Marathon Oil

"Visionarium" puts seismic data well within sight for Marathon Oil Corporation

The past decade in the oil and gas industry has seen a fair number of changes – supply and demand increases and shortfalls, pricing fluctuations and advancements in the technology supporting the industry.

Likewise, those businesses invested in the oil and gas industry have also needed to keep pace with the changes – and Houston’s Marathon Oil Corporation fosters that same philosophy for their state-of-the-art “Visonarium”.

Marathon’s headquarters in Houston, TX houses their Visionarium – a collaborative, multi-discipline immersive environment set up for a maximum of 50 people that allows participants to view data on a 27’ x 8’ curved screen powered by two Christie Mirage HD6 projectors and a Vista Systems Spyder. This is the first large-scale system for oil and gas exploration in the country that combines the power of Christie Mirage high definition DLP® projectors and the Vista Systems Spyder in an interactive immersive environment.

 A global company, one of Marathon’s core activities is exploring key geologic resource basins for oil and natural gas. Marathon seeks to apply cutting-edge technological innovations to gain the most accurate readings of seismic data gathered from these resource basins with a goal of continually improving exploration success.

Quick Facts

  • Customer:
    Marathon Oil Corporation
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    1x2 blended Mirage HD6's and Vista Spyder