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Screenvision Goes For Digital Cinema

Screenvision equips its viewing room with a Christie CP2000-ZX Digital Cinema Projector

Screenvision sells advertising space to UGC and CGR cinemas, as well as several other networks and independent cinemas. With more than 1400 screens across France, the space broker’s job is to ensure that its clients’ ads get seen by cinema audiences (its clients being advertisers, media agencies and film distributors).

Sales strategy for media agencies and advertisers given a boost

The space broker has always placed enormous value on bringing its services as close as possible to its clients. That is why it decided to provide a viewing room equipped for 35mm, digital and 3D projection. Screenvision’s aim is to let clients see their advertisements exactly as they will be shown to the public by recreating the complete cinema experience, and offering them the chance to enter into a form of entertainment that is all about emotion. The benefit offered to clients is the chance to grasp the impact of their ads and check that they are happy with the content in real cinema conditions.

“The use of the digital format in cinemas is increasing rapidly”, says Clément Beauvalet, Deputy Managing Director in charge of development at Screenvision. “We therefore needed to be properly equipped. This viewing room adds a new dimension to our relationship with all our partners – advertisers, media agencies and distributors. It also strengthens our role as a pioneer in digital cinema advertising in France and enables us to support cinemas through this major transition. For example, to support the emergence of full-length feature films being shown in 3D, we have recently started offering advertisers 3D content, which we can show them thanks to the viewing room. We now have the most tangible ability of convincing them.”

A specialist in viewing room equipment, service provider TACC, a subsidiary of Ciné Digital Service, has comprehensive experience of the most highly sophisticated devices and installations. Screenvision therefore turned to them with its digital projection needs and to ensure that the room was fully equipped. Following a preliminary study, Ciné Digital Service designed a solution to respond to the space broker’s most stringent demands.

“Screenvision already had 35-mm facilities: what we needed to do was integrate a digital and 3D solution into the already existing equipment”, Chairman of Ciné Digital Service, Daniel Grall, explains. “On the basis of specifications that included both technical and architectural constraints, we put together a package offering optimal viewing conditions for all formats.”

Completed in March in accordance with DCI recommendations, the turnkey installation - which includes sound (conference, cinema projection etc.) as well as video – makes use of a Christie CP2000-ZX digital cinema projector.

“We have a longstanding close relationship with Christie, who, as undisputed world leader in the digital cinema market, has always managed to stay competitive both in terms of price and quality ”, Daniel Grall continues. “Reliable, competitive and responsive, this producer offers innovative technical solutions with an excellent luminous efficacy. A Christie digital cinema projector was the obvious stand-out choice.”

Successful transition to digital advertising

Easy to install and use, with an excellent price/performance ratio, the Christie CP2000-ZX has up to 18500 ANSI lumens light output of and 2K resolution, while being ultra compact. With its main controls located at the rear, the device is capable of projecting onto screens up to 14 metres wide (the screen in the Screenvision viewing room is 7 metres wide).

“Using 2K DLP Cinema® technology, the Christie CP2000-ZX has been designed to make digital cinema accessible to cinemas”, head of development at Christie France, Pascal Gervais, explains. “We are of course delighted to provide Screenvision with the transition towards a high-quality digital cinema projection system and to offer them all our expertise in digital cinema and content delivery.”

By using this type of projection, Screenvision is making clear its commitment to support its partners in the changeover to digital, which will offer numerous advantages to advertisers and cinemas alike: 

  • Making the cinema medium easier to access by reducing the time-lag between the launch of a campaign and its being shown on screens, thanks to no longer having to transport 35-mm reels. 
  • Consistency in sound and image quality, without the risk of copies wearing out;
  • Better responsiveness to advertisers wishes (campaign extras, special offers, open-house and other related events);
  • Simplified retrieval of existing films, created previously for television, Internet or cinema campaigns;
  • The possibility of changing the order of trailers and ads shown, or adding or withdrawing them at the very last minute;
  • Better opportunities for advertisers to offer cinema audiences longer, more entertaining or more informative content.

The cinema: the medium of choice for outstanding advertising impact

In spite of these difficult economic times, the cinema is still in remarkably good shape, both in terms of production and audience numbers. With audience figures of 36 million in 2008, including all socioeconomic groups (the highest since 1995), it seems the cinema is one of the things we turn to for comfort in times of crisis.

The only medium with a 100% guaranteed audience, the cinema ensures that ads have an outstanding impact on an attentive target audience with a unique recall rate (75% of cinema-goers retain the message after first contact). A study  has shown that the cinema is more effective in triggering feelings of desire and happiness, as well as feelings of freedom; it also partly counteracts feelings of indifference. It is the advertising medium that creates the most positive and active emotions in viewers. Even on its own – but more so when used as a back-up to TV campaigns – it improves the advertising response from the target audience and draws them into the ideal emotional construct for them to develop brand attachment and lead to the act of purchasing.

Given these optimal viewing conditions, the advertising film benefits from the perfect context to achieve its aim: inform, attract and induce action. Faithfulness to the original is maximal, both in terms of image and sound, without any loss of quality: not only is the attention of viewers undivided, they are literally immersed in the atmosphere created by the advertiser.

The transition to digital and 3D should increase the benefit to advertisers even further and bring a new lease of life to the advertising industry.

“A pioneer in audience technologies, Christie continues to lead the way as far as the cinema and future alternative forms of content are concerned”, Pascal Gervais concludes. “At a time when everything is going digital, standards are just going up and up: audiences want outstanding quality, precision, clarity and colour. Our projectors help provide audiences with ever-stronger emotions, and provide new opportunities for cinema operators and advertisers.”

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