Customer Story

Siheung UTIS

This is one of our first installations of the Christie Entero™ LED! This 6x3 configuration includes 18 Christie Entero™  RPMSP-LED01 engines with 50” cubes, for a 20’ x 7’.5” display wall surface. The Siheung UTIS center will benefit from the many industry leading features of Entero™ LED including its zero maintenance design.

This solid state system has a rated illumination life of 60,000 hours. This means that this Siheung UTIS facility will run for over 6.5 years without the need of a lamp change. This provides a cost savings to the facility and will also reduce disruptions of the display wall content.

LED illuminated projection is the future of 24/7 rear projection control room displays, replacing traditional mercury arc lamp based systems. This new technology offers many advantages to previous illumination technology such as solid state functionality, vivid customizable color presentation and wide range of brightness control.  LEDs are also a “green” light source.

Using advanced technology to influence traffic movement and travel behavior, Siheung UTIS facility provides dynamic driver information and dynamic route guidance systems for a busy South Korean metropolitan city. Christie Entero™ LED display technology is utilized to effectively allow collaborating, controlling and monitoring of dynamic activities and operations.

Christie Entero™ LED provides the Siheung UTIS team of operators with a full picture view in a seamless tiled wall display. This system partitions the required content into individual display windows and also acts as a single ultra-high resolution desktop, on a large-sized scale. This provides the operators at Siheung UTIS to view immediate contact large scale while drilling down for more details as needed.

This total dynamic view ensures the wall is displaying a multitude of inputs simultaneously. The sources are integrated with existing intelligence controls to give the Siheung UTIS team of operators all the necessary tools to monitor, react and dispatch.

Installed on September 7, 2009, this Christie Entero™ LED visual solution will provide the Siheung UTIS team the capability to monitor, control and interact with activities and information sources on a 24/7 basis, in full sized scale, and in real time.

Quick Facts

  • Customer:
    Siheung UTIS, Siheung City Hall, Korea 
  • Location:
    Siheung, Korea
  • Configuration:
    18 Christie Entero™ RPMSP-LED01 engines with 50" cubes, for a 20' x 7.5' display wall surface in a 6x3 configuration