Customer Story

SimJET Training Systems

Christie Matrix Series help recreate reality in new generation fight simulators

Australia’s SimJET Training Systems aims to deliver just what the commercial flight industry is asking for – affordable pilot training systems.

Whether that training is extended by airlines, training providers or flight schools, these simulation display solutions will help increase crew competency, improve safety and, at the same time, reduce training costs. These cost-effective displays are based on the industry-leading Christie Matrix Series simulation projection display.

SimJET Training Systems, an Australian simulation company based in Brisbane, is a supplier of Flight Training Devices (FTD) to the pilot training market. SimJET aims to provide real-life, value-based training tools incorporating market-leading innovation,
efficiency and reliability.

SimJET’s training devices have been designed to bridge the gap that currently exists between entry level procedural trainers and Full Flight Simulators (FFS). SimJET’s devices aim for a high level of realism, using full size cockpit replicas, to enhance the training experience by providing a fully lifelike training environment.

Quick Facts

  • Customer:
    SimJET Training Systems
  • Location:
    Brisbane, Australia
  • Configuration:
    3 Christie Matrix HD4