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Independent Theaters Convert to Digital Cinema

The value of Christie technology, service and VPF program

Christie® has helped smaller, independent exhibitors move into the 21st century of entertainment by providing the world’s most preferred DLP Cinema® projectors and Christie Managed Services’ renowned customer service. Thanks to the Christie Virtual Print Fee (VPF) program, independent exhibitors can readily afford to convert their cinemas to digital f​​ormat without unwieldy fees and restrictions.

Christie Managed Services offer a range of services from industry-leading warranties, help desk support, remote monitoring services through the Network Operations Center (NOC) and software upgrades for digital cinema equipment, to advanced parts replacement.

Through the VPF program, exhibitors receive a payment from Hollywood film producers for each digital cinema movie booked in their digital theater. These payments continue for a period of time that’s tailored for each exhibitor. The payments can be used to cover the costs of equipment purchases and their integration into the theater space.

Quick Facts

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    Apex Theatres
    Sierra Cinema
    The Wapa Theatre
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    American Cinema Equipment (ACE)
    Entertainment Supply and Technologies, LLC (ES&T)
    Integrity Entertainment Solutions, LLC
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    California, Kentucky, Ohio, U.S.A.
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    Christie Solaria Series
    Christie Managed Services
    Christie Virtual Print Fee (VPF) program