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The Boeing Company

Boeing chooses Christie® Matrix StIM™ for Apache Longbow Crew Trainer simulators

Boeing selects the Christie Matrix StIM™ as a revolutionary scalable projection display system

Boeing chose the award-winning Christie Matrix StIM™ as the projection system technology for a multi-million dollar display system upgrade for their Apache Longbow Crew Trainer (LCT) simulator program. The three key reasons why the Christie Matrix StIM was chosen were: superior image quality, low maintenance costs and enhanced Night Vision Goggle (NVG) training capabilities.

The Christie Matrix StIM is a scalable environment display system that provides the unique capabilities of achieving eye-limiting resolution while stimulating Night Vision Goggles. Designed and engineered with Christie expertise, this system features extraordinarily long life, quality and ease of service. And, it’s virtually maintenance-free.

 “It incorporates a new out-the-window display using projectors, screens and mirrors to dramatically improve the scene that is presented to the aircrew.”

Mark McGraw, Boeing vice president of Training Systems and Services

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