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The Elysees Biarritz

Digital Cinema Projection at The Elysees Biarritz

Just a step from Champs Elysées, in a marvelous Art Déco building, the Elysées Biarritz consists of a 250 seats projection room, among which the comfort and the technical installation are adapted for preview movie projection and for company communication as well and a flexible reception hall which allows to accommodate prestigious demonstrations.

At first tea dance where “Ray Ventura and his Collegians” jazz orchestra liked playing, the Elysées Biarritz is transformed into Movie Theater in the 1950s.

This prestigious room was completely rebuilt in 1998 by cinema professionals. The technical installation was specially improved to fully satisfy cinematographic acoustics. This room is now a reference in the professional environment.

"L’Elysées Biarritz has always been a place of avant-gardist reference. Because digital cinema is definitively the tomorrow tendency, we had to anticipate and develop our technical installations", declares Hugues Piketty, President of the Elysées Biarritz. "We thus made the decision to equip our projection room with adequate material".

In order to replace the existing and obsolete projection system, the Elysées Biarritz team started a thorough study of the existing solutions. After expertise of the market's offers, Elysées Biarritz finally purchased in October 2006, a 2K Christie Digital Cinema projector CP2000S answering to the last DCI recommendations. With the purchase of this material, the Elysées Biarritz is one of rare rooms in France (five in Paris) which owns a Digital Cinema projector of such a picture quality.

"This acquisition allows us to have a real competitive advantage on both event-driven and institutional communication markets, on which we are confronted with a more and more exigent demand. So Elysées Biarritz is the only event-driven room dedicated to institutional communication to possess a so sharp material. This is equivalent for the customer, of a saving of means, stress, time and money, insofar as the material is on the premises and requires neither outside order nor particular assembly", pursues Mr Piketty.

The Elysées Biarritz turned to the Christie, company with which they work in close relation, in the one hand for the quality of its material, on the other hand for their fame acquired in the digital cinema sector. "Christie has reliable, successful material, recognised by the professionals, and in addition, one of the most sensitive companies to realise the commercial impact this could have on our room, on the valuation of its products" - Hugues Piketty - President of Elysées Biarritz.

The choice of the Christie CP2000S was also led by the configuration of the projection room.
The model S of the CP2000 indeed integrates the power supply ballast, allowing the variation from 2 to 6 KW of the Xenon lamp power, in the pedestal of the projector, what was particularly convenient for the projection room of the Elysées  Biarritz. This one comprises a large control room in which are also set up two 35 mm projectors, as well as all the installations which allow to produce the "top-of-the-range" events which happen there.

The projector Christie CP2000S was installed within a day both with the Elysées Biarritz team. Followed two training days to the projector use, made by the Christie teams to the two permanently present projectionists.

In order to project all the electronic image sources, Elysées Biarritz CP2000S projector is equipped with the Cine-IPM 2K multimedia module, an up-converter which offers, to his clients, a great range of formats, from the analog PAL composite up to the 2K file.

Thanks to his 15 bits color processing, CP2000S delivers images with more than 35 trillion color depth controlled by the Cine Palette TM module. Coupled with a highly efficient Illumination Optical System (IOS™), the CP Series delivers higher light output to create stunning images with greater than high-definition (HD) resolution.

The projector can work till 12 hours a day. So, on the same day, an American videogames publisher who needed an advanced image to present its new catalogue, then French film-makers who had a preview of their documentary movie, experimented successively the technical qualities of the projector.

The common projector maintenance is carried out by both projectionists of the Elysées Biarritz, who have the possibility to contact a dedicated Christie technician and a 24/24 hot line. In the mid-term, common maintenance will be made via Internet thanks to the SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) projector’s connections.

The projection room (250 places) is equipped with a large flexible screen allowing in cinema 1.85 aspect ratio to project an image having a maximum opening of 7.7 m width by 4.20 m height, i.e. 8.75 m diagonal. The throw distance between screen and projector is 16 m.

This room approved by the french Commission Supérieure Technique de l’image et du son (CST), technical body of the CNC (Centre National de la Cinématographie) is also labellised by the THX invaluable seal, sound pledge for quality.

"The partnership which we concluded (training, common events, common advertising) goes far beyond the simple relationship between customer and supplier. In the short-term, the place of the digital projector in our activity will depend on the place which the cinematographic industry will reserve to digital cinema. As for the event-driven, we will always need this type of digital material" - concludes Mr Piketty.

"Elysées Biarritz has now the same top level equipments than the largest digital movie theaters in the world. There is no doubt that this Parisian high place will attract the most prestigious cinematographic events for the greatest satisfaction of its customers" declared Pascal Gervais, Director of development, Christie France.

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