Customer story

Christie MicroTiles debut to Canadian design audience

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Christie® MicroTiles® recently made a splash with the international design community thanks to RAW Design and Canada’s largest contemporary design fair, the Interior Design Show (IDS), at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Charged with creating a multi-faceted entrance installation, RAW Design delighted show-goers with the latest in projection and an ingenious, two-sided Christie MicroTiles configuration with interactive capabilities provided by GestureTek® and Acid Integrations. The installation, entitled “StripTease”, created a blend of touch and high tech that intrigued and engaged visitors.

The concept behind the installation came from the show theme, “How Do You Live.” Meant to remind people of the physical process of arriving home, RAW hoped to capture the idea that it is an experience unique to each individual and each residence. “StripTease was intended as a soft, warm and welcoming gesture,” explained Roland Rom Colthoff, principal architect and partner at RAW Design. “It was meant to be an experiential environment to create a sense of anticipation and to build up to getting into the hall to see all of the new products and trends that are out there in the world of interior design. The 1,300 strips of felt hanging from two stories are warm and inviting. They envelop visitors as they enter the space. But we wanted it to be animated, not just a static, white object in the space. That’s where the technology – the projections – came into play.” he explained.

Quick Facts

  • Customer
    Interior Design Show 2012
  • Partners
    RAW Design
    Acid Integrations
    Mark Tholen, architect & industrial designer
  • Location
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Products
    50 Christie MicroTiles
    Two external control units
    Two Christie Roadster S+22K-J 3-chip DLP projectors