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Innovative Christie MicroTiles used to launch new Acura Sports Car

40 MicroTiles provide interactive display at MIAS 2012

The Acura stand at the Moscow International Automobile Salon (MIAS) 2012, held at the Crocus Expo International Exhibition Centre between 31st August and 9th September 2012, was one of the most innovative seen by visitors at the major car show, and focused primarily on presenting the Acura NSX concept car. The concept vehicle will be released to a wider market in 2015 by the North American subsidiary of Honda, which specialises in the production of sports and luxury cars.

Christie MicroTiles were the basis for the interactive display created by Smart Look, which specialises in Digital Out of Home (DOOH) advertising systems. A total of 40 MicroTiles were used, along with two External Control Units (ECU). The content was developed in the format of an interactive application with a resolution of 3200 x 1200 pixels, and was delivered from a special server with 3D software installed. When the event took place, Christie’s own Interactivity Kit for MicroTiles wasn’t available to use, so a special third party system was used to make the display interactive. The Christie Interactivity Kit – a proprietary solution for adding multi-touch interactivity to any digital display – is shipping now after being officially launched at ISE 2013.

According to Natalia Valieva, General Director of Smart Look, this innovative display was created so that visitors to the MIAS could become better acquainted with the car itself and the technology behind it. It also provided an opportunity to learn about the history of the Acura brand and participate in a quiz. As part of the content, a ‘360’ section was developed, allowing visitors to view the car from all sides using a 3D model.

Mikhail Plotnikov, Marketing Manager for Honda Motor RUS, noted, “The Acura NSX, which combines the efficiency of a hybrid engine with four-wheel drive, made its international debut in January at the Detroit Auto Show. The launch of the mass-produced version of the NSX is scheduled for 2015, when sales in Russia will also begin. When demonstrating the NSX to the Russian public for the first time, we wanted to emphasise the innovative nature of this supercar. The concept of this interactive display therefore seemed a good solution to us, and our expectations were met.”

Sergei Kirillov, Executive Director of DENI, which developed the concept for the Acura stand at MIAS, stressed, “we were faced with a difficult task:  we needed to find a non-standard solution which would stand out, and which would also engage visitors, encouraging them to interact and enjoy communicating with the brand as much as possible. The Smart Look team handled the task wonderfully, implementing the concept of a menu with five sections in a stunning, innovative design.”

“The possibilities which MicroTiles open up are truly wide-reaching,” Natalia Valieva added. “We have already been using these innovative display models for nearly two years in our DOOH projects, and each time we are offering our clients something special. Excellent resolution, beautiful colour reproduction, a wide viewing angle, a minimal seam between modules (just over 1 mm), the opportunity to create a structure that is practically unlimited in shape and size and the chance to make it interactive: all these characteristics significantly broaden the horizons for new projects as well.”

The innovative MicroTiles system is founded on a combination of the strengths of LEDs and tried-and-tested DLP® technology. The display modules provide a significantly brighter image and a much wider colour palette than normal liquid crystal or plasma displays: 115% of the NTSC colour gamut. The small dimensions of each module (H 306 x W 406 x D 260mm), their light weight (9.2kg), and their 65,000 hours (i.e. nearly seven years) of 24/7 operation in 50% brightness mode, with no need for consumables such as light bulbs, provide users with a truly unique set of options. When used in DOOH, a particular advantage of MicroTiles is their ability to adjust their colour automatically: neighbouring modules ‘see’ each other and establish consistency in colour throughout the entire display. This means that wherever MicroTiles are used, the image will always have uniform brightness, colour, and contrast.

Natalia Valieva placed particular emphasis on the ease of installation of Christie MicroTiles, which are put together like building blocks. This allows them to be used successfully to create visualisation systems at exhibitions and various events, as well as in DOOH projects. “MicroTiles’ reliability, the simplicity of their installation, and the diversity in the choice of shapes when creating display structures make this display solution a great choice for a company like ours.

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