Customer Story

American Water Operations Security Support Center

Christie Phoenix brings simplicity and mobility to the complex world of control rooms with an integrated IP-based solution.

Christie Phoenix enables IP-based digital control rooms

Serving over 14 million people, American Water is a leading provider of high-quality water and waste-water services in the United States and parts of Canada. American Water’s primary responsibility is providing safe, clean water for their customers, as well as being committed to environmentally responsible operations. It’s their priority to be aware of, and respond as quickly as possible to, incidents that arise in any of their geographically dispersed locations.

Two years ago, American Water saw a need to transform how they monitor and manage security of their facilities to reduce the cost and improve the effectiveness of security monitoring today, and in the future. Their goals were to insource security monitoring and build a monitoring center that leveraged existing internal systems. Within the control room, they needed a digital wall to display feeds and layouts that could be easily integrated, customized, recalled and shared - from multiple locations and multiple sources - with high accuracy and reliability.

Nicholas Santillo Jr., CPP, PSP, Director of Operations Security for American Water, shared American Water’s objectives for the control center, “Our ability to act quickly, respond to alarms, ensure our employees’ safety, protect our facilities and provide holistic situational awareness, to both our local operations and our executive leadership teams, is critical in delivering value to our customers and operations. The Christie® Phoenix is key to meeting those objectives.”

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