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"Athena: Goddess of War" Korean Drama Series

An impressive and contemporary drama series set uses Christie

When art director, JW Lee, needed to display a futuristic-looking screen as the main setting for the Korean espionage drama series “Athena: Goddess of War” he chose Christie® MicroTiles®. He was looking for a display that had not been used before. After discussing his vision for “Athena’s” set with space designer Jung Hyang-Guk and experiencing the high image quality and color richness of Christie MicroTiles at an earlier demonstration, both Lee and Hyang-Guk set their sights on using Christie MicroTiles for “Athena’s” production.

Located in a studio at the Dong-Ah Institute of Media and Arts, about 100 kilometers from Seoul, the set is more than 600 square meters and designed to showcase the scale and details that will grab the audience’s attention.

The set features a huge display screen made up of 50 Christie MicroTiles set in a 9 by 5 tile grid. Five more tiles are spaced across the top of the array. The result is a dominating screen erected in the ultra-modern, fictional offices. “We needed a special display canvas to show a futuristic and creative space for the control room scenes in “Athena”. The control room is the main set for “Athena” and because of the versatility we had in displaying different images on the tiles, we were able to make the whole drama a lot more intense, fast-moving and exciting. Color temperature of 3200K was applied for the high-definition filming of “Athena”. Apart from its rich color performance and high resolution, Christie MicroTiles were chosen because of their extremely quiet operation, a paramount consideration for a studio,” explains Lee.

Quick Facts

  • Customer:
    Taewon Entertainment / Seoul Broadcasting Station
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  • Location:
    Seoul, South Korea
  • Products:
    50 Christie MicroTiles