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Canada's Wonderland

Wonder Mountain transformed by projected vines, flowers and a rainbow.

The perfect good night kiss

In 2011, Cedar Fair Entertainment Company (Cedar Fair) asked each of its 12 theme parks to produce a night-time show. The directions didn’t specify much more than that the shows should have multicolor LED lights and animation. Doug McBoyle, manager, Technical and Event Services at Canada’s Wonderland and his team took these specifications and “really went out of the box and beyond the literal.”

The result of their interpretation of Cedar Fair’s request is a nearly 10-minute projection mapping display. The incredible show, called Starlight Spectacular, is projected onto the park’s iconic, 30m-tall Wonder Mountain, situated in the center of the park. When it opened, Starlight Spectacular became an important part of the park’s 30th anniversary celebrations.

The show’s content was created by Tantrum Productions and is a montage of exciting images and scenes. Falling leaves are replaced by a snowfall. Vines and flowers overgrow the mountain as a rainbow appears and a flock of giant butterflies go by. Lava spews from the mountain’s crumbling peaks to reveal a remarkably lethal-looking dragon. Cogs, wheels, colored contrails and even an abstract dance performed by the mountain itself enthrall audiences who can easily see the display from almost anywhere in the park.

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    Canada's Wonderland
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    Tantrum Productions
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    Vaughn, ON, Canada
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    Christie Roadster S+20K projector
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