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Cinema Ideal in Lisbon: Portugal’s oldest cinema installs Vive Audio

Cinema Ideal in Lisbon, Portugal’s oldest cinema and one of the world’s longest running film theatres, adds a new feather to its cap with the first Portuguese installation ever commercial installation of Christie Vive Audio in Europe. Founded in 1904, it is a small neighborhood cinema seating 185 spectators with a program of mainly independent films. As well as speakers, amps, subwoofers and processors from the Vive Audio range, Cinema Ideal has also been kitted out with a Christie CP2215 projector, all supplied by Edecine.

The cinema has just reopened after undergoing a complete refurbishment that included remodeling the theatre, the lobby, the stalls and the balcony. As part of the new design, there is also a small bookstore dedicated to film, as well as a café, a DVD library and an area for cultural events.

The refurbishment, designed by the architect José Neves (winner of the Secil Architecture Award in 2012), cost around half a million euros and was promoted by the Midas Filme​s production company, with the support of Casa de la Prensa, the owners of the building, and the Chamber of Commerce of Lisbon.


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