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coolux Media Systems

Christie and coolux turn imagination into reality

Christie® technology and coolux® Media Systems continue to stretch the boundaries of possibility, teaming for spectacular, colorful installations and giving lighting and stage designers the freedom to turn dreams into reality. Based in Cologne, Germany, coolux became its own reality in 2003 with an already impressive record of accomplishments from its founders who had vast touring and museum exhibit experience.

coolux Media Systems clients have selected Christie technology for more than 50 projects worldwide. Hans Stucken, marketing and communications director at coolux, illustrated the technology convergence: “If you have a very good camera but a cheap lens, the picture will be okay at best. However, if the lens is also very good, the picture is much better. Pandoras Box is the proverbial camera and Christie is the lens.

“Christie is a household name where coolux is concerned and we feel confident in recommending Christie to our customers. They are definitely one of the best and we are happy when people use them.”

Hans Stucken, Marketing and Communications Director, coolux Media Systems

Photos above are the San Augustin ex-Temple, Zacatecas, Mexico
Producer: 333 Luxes, Merida, Mexico
System Design & Artistic Production: Proluxon Inc.
Artistic Directors: Valy Trembly and Andre Lantin
Video Content: Proluxon Inc. and Realisations Inc.
Photos: Jason Riordan and 333 Luxes

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