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Laemmle Theatres

Installing 15 Christie Solaria Series digital projectors has helped Laemmle Theatres improve the movie-going experience for patrons, as well as the theater chain’s bottom line.

Famous Laemmle theater chain in L.A. goes digital with Christie

Greg Laemmle, president and owner of Laemmle Theatres in North Hollywood, California, is the youngest of a family that has made their mark by specializing in the theater chain started by his grandfather Max, in 1938. Continued by his father, Bob Laemmle, the oldest art house chain in Los Angeles was known to be the venue where every independent filmmaker sought to have movies showcased. Now that legacy is in Greg Laemmle’s hands at the new Laemmle NoHo 7. Many of his family members have contributed to Hollywood’s entertainment history, including his uncle, Carl Laemmle, who founded Universal Studios —coincidentally located just down the street from the new NoHo 7.

Laemmle, believing that the handwriting was on the wall when it came to making the move to digital cinema, refused to allow his art house theater to ignore the wave of the future. Today, Laemmle Theatres has installed 15 Christie projectors including the NoHo 7 location which prides itself on sharp digital projection in all seven auditoriums.

We selected Christie® digital projectors because they are ideally suited for our needs, and I had a good impression of their long-standing track record. We’re very happy with the incredible images projected on the screen, the extremely helpful Library Management System and the service capabilities and commitment of the Christie team, who bent over backwards to make things happen. I believe we made an excellent choice,” said Laemmle.

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    Laemmie Theatres
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    Southern California Cinetech
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    15 Christie Solaria Series projectors (CP2220 and CP2210 models)
    Christie VPF financing plan
    Christie Managed Services monitoring and maintenance
    Christie Xenolite lamps (CDXL models)