Customer Story

James Ford Bell Technical Center Cafe - General Mills

A Christie digital projection solution pays dividends for General Mills

General Mills realized that purchasing a unit that could be permanently installed in their atrium-style cafeteria in the James Ford Bell Technical Center would not only improve their return on investment, but would allow for more frequent company meetings and presentations throughout the year.

In the age of budget cuts and belt tightening, companies far and wide are finding ways to improve their bottom line. General Mills, one of the world’s largest food companies, is no exception. For years, the company chose to rent projection and A/V equipment for their quarterly general meetings.

“We went with the Christie Roadster HD12K because it fit the physical area and offered a number of zoom lens choices suitable for a long throw distance. We needed a unit with the right brightness, the right lens and the right image quality for the job.”

Randy Lindblad, Operations Manager, AVI-SPL

A Christie projection solution coupled with a high gain screen makes the most of the space by producing bright, clear images across a considerable distance.

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