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Landmark Cinemas

Landmark strives to make the movie-going experience rich and engaging.

“The cinema experience is the best value for the entertainment dollar. Customers’ cinema costs are way behind inflationary rates. Admission prices are around $10 give or take and hit that cost about 10 years ago. But the experience’s quality has just gone up and up — digital sound, digital images, D-Box seating, amazing food….” declares Neil Campbell, chief operating officer, Landmark Cinemas, with pride.

And pride in the cinema experience that Landmark Cinemas creates for its customers drives this chain to keep making movie going richer and more engaging. Converting to digital cinema was an obvious step for the company.

Landmark made their 10-month conversion plan in 2011 with completion slated for April 2012. Then they shared their plan with Christie®. “We didn’t have to wait on Christie for anything. Even things that Christie wasn’t in charge of didn’t ever become a problem. Christie was always able to work with the overall schedule to make sure the whole plan came in on time. We were done on the very date we’d originally specified. It was absolutely amazing.” Campbell states.

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    Landmark Cinemas (Landmark)
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    King Cinema Services
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    Calgary, AB, Canada
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