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NHK Enterprises

NHK Enterprises celebrates its 30th anniversary by melding traditional art and innovative technological solutions with Christie projectors

As a form of art, theater is not only a means to tell a story through an engaging and evocative manner. It also acts as a vehicle to display the vibrancy and dynamism of a society’s culture. With its unique and ancient history, Japan certainly does not fall short in showcasing its theatrical performances, ranging from the Kabuki to the Noh and the puppet theater form Bunraku. However, the richness of traditional theatrical performances brings about the challenge of keeping it relevant and appealing in the modern era, particularly to reign in interest from the younger generation. This is to prevent such practices from withering during these times of technological innovation and to preserve its age-old legacy.​​​​

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    NHK Enterprises
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    Arts and entertainment
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    High brightness and super fine images and colors
    High performance coupled with reliability

  • Products

    Christie Boxer 4K30​(4)
    Christie Roadster HD20K-J​(1)​