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Port Fourchon: the oil and gas hub of the U.S. partners with Christie

The Christie Phoenix system provides the team at Port Fourchon with greater situational awareness, and enhanced incident response and decision-making capabilities.
​Located on Louisiana’s southernmost point, Port Fourchon services over 90% of the domestic deepwater oil and gas exploration, drilling and production activities in the Gulf of Mexico. This accounts for over $3.4 billion in direct economic impacts in 2013 in the state of Louisiana alone. “We service over 400 vessels that come in and out of Port Fourchon every day,” April Danos, Director of Information Technology, Greater Lafourche Port Commission, explains. “We have about 4,500 vehicles coming in and out of our port for crew changes on any given Wednesday.”

Quick Facts

  • Customer
    Greater Lafourche Port Commission
  • Partner
    Interstate Electronic Systems
  • Location
    Port Fourchon, Louisiana
  • Products
    Christie Phoenix