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Projection Mapping Illuminates Glass Art at Barneys New York

Experimentation, celebration, conversation – these are the guiding principles for Barneys New York’s window display strategy and theme selection. Dynamic vignettes tell stories of brands through a mixture of art, technology and music.

As Matthew Mazzucca, vice president of windows and exteriors for Barneys New York, explains, “The window displays are a threshold for our store and a platform for communicating Barneys’ and designers’ brands. They’re also a showcase for ideas that reinforce or extrapolate fashion brands and trends.” The Barneys team feeds their creativity with inspiration from a spectrum of influences, drawing ideas together and using technology in ways that provoke curiosity and incite questions from viewers.

Quick Facts

  • ​​Customer
    Barneys New York
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    New York, NY
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    Luxury retail
  • Products
    Christie DXG1051-Q (7)
    Christie Pandoras Box (1)​ ​