Customer Story

Rave Motion Pictures

Christie Managed Services support Rave’s digital signage needs

In a high-tech, digital environment, you’re only as good as your systems are reliable. This is a lesson well-learned by Brad Wardlow and his team at Rave Motion Pictures. The Vice-President of Operations for the Dallas, Texas headquartered company leads a team of staff dedicated to enriching the movie-going experience for audiences across the United States.

With approximately 1000 screens in 21 states and seven of the top ten Designated Market Areas, Rave is the fifth largest domestic circuit by box office gross and number of screens. And with their mission of setting the industry standard for customer experience, having systems fail – whether cinema projection systems, digital menu boards, LED signage or atmospheric lobby lighting – is just not an option. That’s why the Rave team trusts Christie Managed Services (CMS) to keep their systems running 24/7/365.

“This solution makes total sense for us operationally, financially and aesthetically. The only question we have been asking ourselves is, ‘Why did we take so long to make the decision?’”

Brad Wardlow, Vice-President of Operations, Rave Motion Pictures

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