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From ‘Deadwood City’ to Redwood City

An amazing renaissance powered by projection mapping

In an effort to revitalize the Redwood City’s downtown core on sleepy Tuesday evenings, the Redwood City Improvement Association and Redwood City’s Fox Theatre collaborated with Tekamaki and BARTKRESA design to create a permanent outdoor projection mapping installation.

“Redwood City used to be absolutely dead on Tuesday nights,” explains Eric Lochtefeld, Redwood City Improvement Association (RCIA) president and co-owner of the Fox Theatre in Courthouse Square. “The whole point of this projection mapping project was to help businesses and property owners in the downtown, so we purposely picked Tuesdays, the worst night of the week.”

Long-impressed by the “Symphony of Lights” laser projection show he’d seen years before in Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour—”I remember there being around a million people there,” he says with a laugh—Lochtefeld wondered: Could video projection mapping bring the same magic to Redwood City?​​

Projection mapping by BARTKRESA design. Projection mapping photos by Bart Kresa.


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