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US Air Force, Air Education and Training Command

US Air Force selects Christie® for true-to-life simulation

Imagine two aircraft hurtling through turbulent air towards each other at hundreds of miles per hour. Now imagine lying on a cot, looking out of a small, rear-facing window in the belly of one of the planes and connecting a long telescopic boom and nozzle for transmitting gallons of highly flammable fuel to the refueling receptacle on the receiving plane, approximately 30 feet below. Few maneuvers in military aviation are more challenging than aerial refueling.

Developing the necessary skills to operate the boom safely and reliably requires practice. Acquiring the near real-world experience from high-fidelity simulators that recreate the environment with visual and auditory accuracy is a far less costly learning curve for new operators. A Christie simulation display is the visual backbone in the US Air Force’s Boom Operator Weapons System Trainer (BOWST) mission trainers.

“The Christie Display solution combined with other high fidelity sub-systems on BOWST have exceeded the system requirements. At the completion of acceptance testing the BOWST finished Discrepancy Free based on the System Requirement Specification (SRS). This rarely happens on a system this complex.”

Keith Seguin, Training System Program Manager, Trainer Development, USAF AETC

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