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Tillicum Village

Tillicum Village’s show highlights the history of the Coast Salish Native American community.

Tillicum Village highlights the history of the Coast Salish Native American community through song, dance, culture and traditionally-prepared food. Argosy Cruises, Tillicum’s operator since 2009, provides a 40-minute boat trip from Seattle to Tillicum Village on Blake Island where it hosts a dinner and show at its 22,000 square-foot facility.

When Argosy acquired the long-term concession to operate Washington State Park’s Tillicum Village, the long house, which serves as a theater for 450 people, was in dire need of updating and repair. The stage had a dirt floor and the stage set and soundtrack were 18 years old. The whole facility had suffered from a considerable amount of deferred maintenance.

On a trip to California, Kevin Clark, chief executive officer, Argosy Cruises, first saw Musion technology and recognized the potential to use video images to enhance Tillicum Village’s live performance. Using Musion to show high-definition, virtual actors meant the performance would be consistent and high-quality every time. Live actors and dancers could interact with the video content creating a synthesis of live and filmed performance, fantasy and reality.

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    Argosy Cruises (Argosy) and Tillicum Village
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    rp Visual Solutions
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    Seattle, WA, USA
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    Christie HD-10KM (Dual Stack)
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