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Washington Metro Area Transit Authority

This integrated solution delivers perfect edge-blending, multi-windowing and screen processing in the Command Center and Rail Operation Center.

Numerous one-way streets, traffic circles and security issues make driving in America’s capital a challenge. However, thanks to the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, thousands of commuters and tourists travel in safety throughout Washington, D.C. every day. And, thanks to Christie® projectors and video processors, they are doing it more efficiently than ever.

With 86 stations, 106 miles of track and 1,116 rail cars, the Washington, DC Metro is the second largest rail transit system in the United States. To help synchronize the entire system, the Metro selected 12 Christie HD10K-M 3-chip DLP® projectors and four Christie Vista Spyders for its Command Center and Rail Operations Center (ROC). With the Christie technology in place, Metro staff can now react immediately to any emergency or slowdown.

(Photo credit: Michael Platt)

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