USHIO and Christie Continue the Mission to Conserve with Solar Energy Project

Posted 4/22/2014

CYPRESS, Calif. – (April 22, 2014) – In a joint effort, USHIO Inc. (USHIO) and Christie®, a wholly-owned subsidiary, have continued their mission to be both environmentally conscious and more energy efficient by recently completing solar energy panel installations in both of their USA headquarters in Cypress, Calif., USA. USHIO and Christie are excited to have this newest part of our energy conservation efforts up and running, which was necessitated by increased energy consumption in all areas, necessitated by company growth, with large increases occurring in all three buildings.

A solar energy feasibility study was performed in 2012 to determine if solar panel installations would be a cost effective alternative that would help reduce the cost of electricity consumption and reduce greenhouse emissions. The conclusion was that there would be significant savings in energy use and expense if solar panels were installed, with a payback period on the capital investment of seven years. In addition, the decision to move forward on the installation was enhanced by government incentives and accordingly, the objective of a 15 percent reduction in energy use over the first three years was set. This objective coincides with a request from Christie’s parent company, USHIO, to reduce CO2 emissions from energy consumption as outlined in the latter’s Phase 4 Environmental Action Plan.

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