Study of 3,000 Data Points Proving Accuracy of Veinviewer’s HD and Digital Full Field Technology In Near-Infrared Vascular Imaging Technologies

Posted 6/3/2013

Christie Medical Holdings, Inc., today announced the results of a 3,000 data points medical study that demonstrates the ability of VeinViewer, with Christie’s exclusive high definition image and digital full field technology (DF2), to project vein patterns to near perfect accuracy as compared to ultrasound. VeinViewer®, now in its  fifth generation of technology, is the company’s non-invasive vein illumination device designed to project vascular imaging on the surface of the skin. Used around the world by hospitals and clinics, VeinViewer and its TrueView accuracy help to improve peripheral vascular access on patients of all ages, body types and skin tones.

“Visually understanding projected vein width is critical in vascular access. It is the first sense used to assess an optimal catheter gauge.  More than just anatomically aligned, clinicians must be confident that the projection of the vein width is accurate and that the vein is appropriate for access based on factors such as size, re-fill of the vessel and valve location. To our knowledge, this is the largest and only data set studied on vein width accuracy with near infrared digital projection devices and demonstrates Christie’s leadership in evidence-based technology design delivering much more than just a target, ” stated Dawn Norman, director of regulatory, quality and clinical affairs for Christie.

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