Christie had been selected as Cinéville's main supplier to support its digital rollout plan and gradually equip the group and its cinemas. Funding for Cinéville's gradual switchover is based on an agreement signed in March 2009 with Ymagis, a third-party facilitator using a virtual print fee (VPF) model as part of its European deployment plan.
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Ease of Operation

At Christie, we focus on leading-edge technology, and on how that technology is integrated into systems and is used by the end users

​​​Our products are purpose-built for each market segment. Some of the technologies overlap between markets, while others are specific to a particular market.

3DLP projectors

All of our 3DLP® projectors include a user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) and support ChristieNET, which our service desk can use to remotely control the projector through a web interface and make real-time adjustments and monitor the projector on the network – regardless of geographic location.

Our projector platforms each have a slightly different lens mount system; all models offer quick and easy lens insertion and release. Christie® projectors feature lever or push-button release lens mounts so it’s as easy as lining up the guide, sliding the lens in, and locking it in place.

Digital cinema projection solutions

Christie digital cinema projectors have a modular design to make it easy to swap and access any component quickly. We've incorporated quick disconnects and captive screws, included specialized tools, and provided easy-access areas to allow swift diagnostic and repair of any major component. The improved Touch Panel Controller is an intuitive and simple-to-use interface. With new remote diagnostic and operational capabilities, any PC on the network can be used to control any projector either locally or from a distance. Our projectors also include a new level of system integration with options for an integrated media block, streamlined installation support for 3D systems and the fastest, most accurate motorized lens mount in the industry.

Christie's Managed Services

From cinema and post production to on-screen advertising, large group-training centers, and control rooms, Christie Professional​ Services delivers a complete range o​f technical support and professionally managed service programs. With 24/7 support to Pay-Per-Incident and everything in between, our services meet the unique technology needs of every organization.

We will also work with you on the planning, procurement, logistics, prestaging and integration and implementation of a rollout. At the heart of Christie Managed Services is the state-of-the-art Christie Network Operations Center (NOC) that links directly to customers’ facilities to provide complete remote monitoring and technology asset management. The Christie NOC uses the latest in predictive maintenance tools to anticipate and resolve potential technical issues before they occur, minimizing or eliminating downtime.