As you enter the new ESRI worldwide headquarters building in Redlands, CA, you immediately get a sense of the company’s vision for creating high-quality, state-of-the-art technology.
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R&D Commitment

Christie is always breaking new barriers and pushing the limits of current display technologies

​Our teams of engineers are driven to produce the best display technologies. In fact, we have more engineers per square foot of office space than any other manufacturer.

Academic collaboration

We're an active member of the Canadian Digital Media Network and are partnering with local high-tech companies to use our competencies and help build digital media tools that will position Ontario as a leader in digital media and boost the local economy and job creation. Christie® supports local universities and has developed partnerships for research initiatives. During the research and development of Christie MicroTiles, we worked with the students at the University of Waterloo School of Architecture to help test, develop and explain concepts for MicroTiles. We consulted with experts at the School of Optometry for optical design and human visual responses, and worked with the Faculty of Arts to explore how MicroTiles could be used in live theater. We also worked with York University on human response information for digital signage.

Investment in infrastructure

In order to increase the efficiency of our product development process and facilitate innovation, Christie has made a significant investment in infrastructure. Investment in rapid prototyping equipment to test our concepts in-house saves time and promotes creativity. We've also invested in environmental testing equipment such as thermal chambers, sound chambers and motion/vibration tables to test the boundaries of our products, under all conditions. Our patent incentive programs recognize employees for their work and reward them monetarily for all successful patents filed. We also allocate a portion of our budget to investigate new and innovative concepts, such as laser technology.

Continuous learning and development

In-house educational and training programs for employees are designed to maximize efficiency levels, streamline production, and encourage innovation. All employees can partake in “Christie University” courses covering issues from supply chain management and projector technology, to safety at work. Christie also encourages continuous learning by subsidizing college, university and professional development courses and credentials. We want to ensure that our employees have the tools, skills, education and training needed to be the best.

Digital cinema innovation

For more than 80 years, Christie has been creating, manufacturing and servicing the world’s best cinema projectors. From our award-winning history in film projection to being the first licensee of DLP Cinema® technology, we celebrate innovation. We pride ourselves on being the first with a 2K digital cinema projector, the first to offer a 4K ready solution, and the first to introduce Texas Instrument's new advanced Series 2 DLP Cinema® technology. And we were the first to market a networked on-screen advertising solution to help support and grow your business.

Christie Matrix StIM

The Christie Matrix StIM is the first simulation system to provide simultaneous and independent control over both the visible and near-infrared spectrum using LED illumination. It is the first system designed for simulation and training with solid-state LED illumination. There are no consumables for a virtually maintenance-free system. Designed and engineered with Christie expertise, this system features extraordinarily long life, quality and ease of service.

As one of the simulation industry’s original technology providers, Christie was the first to use DLP® technology to deliver high brightness, unsurpassed color, brightness uniformity and control capabilities. Christie has identified the technological problems customers face and developed solutions to resolve and eliminate these issues. We understand each project is unique, and have developed a proven approach that puts you at the center of the process. Our world-class sales engineers, project managers, design and mechanical engineers and integration experts work together to deliver the most advanced, functional, and intuitive purpose-built simulation display solutions.

Christie Entero LED Series

The Christie Entero LED Series is the premier LED ultra-high resolution DLP® display system. We developed Christie Entero LED Control Room solutions with a zero maintenance design, to ensure that when you choose this video wall solution, you get years of reduced maintenance costs and distinctive display benefits. Purpose-built for your video wall needs, the Christie Entero LED Series offers extraordinarily long life, 24/7 reliability and demanding performance quality. The series uses the latest in rear screen display technology and offers a worry-free, cost-effective solution for control room and video wall displays.

Christie Velvet Apex Series

Reach new heights with Christie Velvet​​® Apex Series​. ​Featuring ultra-high definition resolution, extremely high fill-factor and advanced monitoring capabilities, the Apex Series is a completely certified LED display wall solution providing 24/7 operation for critical viewing environments. Available in ultra-fine 1.2mm and 1.6mm pixel pitches, the Apex Series displays content in impeccable detail, making it the ideal choice for applications where image quality and clarity is paramount.​