RGB laser illumination

Take your cinema to the next level

The world's most efficient cinema illumination

Christie® Real|Laser™ illumination technology exceeds DCI standards to bring a crisp, unmatched image to the screen. With an expanded color spectrum, more available brightness, and the highest contrast, Real|Laser projectors lead the market in visual capabilities and overall efficiency. Find out how this blend of technology can take your cinema to the next level.

The world's most efficient cinema illumination

We designed our new Christie Real|Laser projectors to continue our tradition of pioneering, innovating, and raising the bar for top-of-the-line cinema equipment. We focused on energy-efficiency to reduce costs and increase sustainability across the cinema industry.

What is RGB pure laser

Researched, developed and built at our world-class North American facility, Christie Real|Laser illumination technology is innovative engineering at its best. Featuring compact, next-generation Multi Laser Pack Devices (MPD), Real|Laser achieves breakthroughs in brightness, color reproduction, image uniformity, contrast, and operational lifetime. The result is an incredibly efficient, performance-driven light source that drastically out-performs any other cinema illumination platform.

Set the stage for the most spectacular cinematic experiences, from small-screens to Premium Large Format (PLF) theatres, with Real|Laser.

Reliable, stable light source

Featuring our patented fully-sealed optical path, Real|Laser provides long-term stability and reliability. Movies look as good as they do on day-one thanks to Christie LiteLOC™ white-point tracking capabilities. Factory-calibrated, LiteLOC automatically maintains color balance throughout the projector’s operational life for years of stable, virtually maintenance-free operation.

Affordability, re-imagined

Thanks to our expertise in thermal engineering and use of next-generation, highly-efficient laser diodes, we’ve eliminated the need for external chillers in our smaller projectors, expensive fiber-coupling, and concerns about space when retrofitting an existing booth. The result is a truly affordable RGB pure laser projector designed for the mainstream theatre. We also recognize innovation alone doesn’t drive the cinema business forward. That’s why we offer various financing options to help make implementing Real|Laser projection into your theatre a reality.

The three C’s of RGB Laser

An animated gif showing RGB laser projection reaching 95% of the Rec. 2020 color spectrum


Christie Real|Laser cinema projectors reveal a world of color never before seen on screen. Reaching 95% of the Rec. 2020 color spectrum, audiences see trillions of new colors as filmmaker’s dreams come to life in a new light. See High Dynamic Range (HDR) as it's meant to be seen - with dedicated red, green, and blue MPDs delivering the exact colors seen by the human eye.
An animated gif comparing the aperture of Xenon, laser phosphor, and RGB pure laser projection


Contrast further enhances the visual spectacle of Real|Laser projectors with crisper bright visuals and deeper dark images with a 6000:1 contrast ratio. We expanded every aspect of this light source to ensure our projectors replicate every content detail.
A graph comparing the brightness degredation over time of Xenon, laser phosphor, and RGB pure laser projection


Real|Laser projectors provide best in class TCO. The laser modules in our projectors last over 50K hours based on standard use. You'll no longer have to worry about your next lamp change or phosphor degradation. To fit market needs, we offer the widest illumination options for RGB pure laser illumination. Whether you maintain a boutique arthouse cinema or a major PLF auditorium, we have a projector and price point for you.

Green-minded pure red, green, and blue lasers

Real|Laser illumination technology enhances more than cinema visuals, it also enhances energy-efficiency by up to 32% over the competition! Our RGB pure laser projectors reduce customers’ energy costs by converting more lumens per watt, meaning they use less power to produce more brightness on screen.

For mainstream cinemas, the new CP4425-RGB and CP4435-RGB offer more energy-efficiency than any DCI-compatible projector on the market generating over 14 lumens per watt – that’s 50% more than the competition. Smaller cinemas can take advantage of the CP2415-RGB and CP2420-RGB for 2K projection with energy-efficiency of more than 12 lumens produced per watt.

Look for these energy comparisons on our product pages and see why Real|Laser illumination offers the best TCO.

Key features

Color realism
Contrast realism
Energy savings
Image for life
Investment protection
Design simplicity

Re(de)fining the visual cinema experience – Milestones in our mastery of light

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