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Fog Filter Refill (3 Pack) | Christie - Audio Visual Solutions
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​​​​Each H Series projector is designed to operate filter-free in most applications, but is equipped with three removable panels that are intended to accommodate coarse dust filters or be replaced with fog filter covers and fog filters for operation in more harsh environments.​​

Fog filters are designed to reduce the affects of the oil or juice created by fog, smoke or hazer special effects. H Series projectors automatically detect that the fog filters are installed and will adjust the fan speeds accordingly to ensure the system is adequately cooled.

The Fog Filter Refill (3 Pack) contains three fog filters (one for each location).

Prior to using this refill kit, you must first already have ordered an H Series Fog Filter Starter Pack (003-005454-XX) so that you already have the fog filter intake covers which replace the standard intake covers. The new covers are deeper and are designed specifically to accommodate the thick fog filters.