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Available as an optional, factory-installed feature for the Christie Matrix J Series models, the Color Purity Filter (CPF™) is an optical color management device. It creates greater separation between the primary colors, RGB, resulting in a larger available color gamut for richer color depth and saturation. The richer green and red tones produce a more life-like display on the screen and superior black levels provide unsurpassed day and night sceen blending.

Each projector ships standard with the ILS™ Lens mount. If you want a Color Purity Filter, you can choose this option at the time of purchase:

 Model name iLS lens mount + CPF*
Christie Matrix WU7K-J Build to order
Christie Matrix WU14K-J Build to order

*Please allow six weeks for delivery

The left side image: Standard color gamut
The right side image: Expanded color gamut