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*This product is no longer available.

Transform your video wall into a fully interactive digital display

The Christie® Interactivity Kit is a complete solution that gives you the creative flexibility to incorporate multipoint touch interactivity into your large-format digital display.

Christie Interactivity Kit

See how Christie Interactivity Kit transforms any large-format video wall into a dynamic and responsive multi-touch surface. Watch the video.

The Christie Interactivity Kit ​broadens Christie's solutions offering to meet your needs for creative and flexible digital media displays.

Multi-touch interactivity in an easy kit!

Setting up interactivity for large-format digital displays can be a custom design process that's complex, expensive, slow and cumbersome. Sometimes the touch technology doesn't offer the desired level of performance in terms of the number, accuracy or responsiveness of touch points.

The Christie Interactivity Kit changes all that. Complexity and reliability aren't a concern anymore. Now you have the technology to create a unique and engaging interactive experience with a touchscreen, large-format display.

Breakthrough technology...out of the box

This easy-to-use, field-installable kit simply attaches around the perimeter of any large arrayed display and plugs into your computer's USB port - without any need for drivers. No manual calibration of sensors or cameras is required.

Windows 7/8 automatically recognizes the Christie Interactivity Kit's software as a multi-touch device, making set up extra easy.

Using groundbreaking Baanto™ ShadowSense™ technology the Christie Interactivity Kit lets multiple users interact simultaneously with a rectangular video wall, with the resolution and speed needed to support finger-based gestures such as flicking, pinching, rotating and scrolling, and reliable, accurate behavior you can count on.

Scalable solution

The Christie Interactivity Kit works on different-sized displays and scales to incorporate more and more touch points as the display grows. For example, a display 6 modules wide has 9 touches and a display 12 modules wide allows up to 18 touches.

The overall cost per square foot for the display decreases as the number of modules increases.

Customized solutions

Working alongside our national dealer network, Christie's comprehensive services team will work with you to design, deploy and support a customized digital signage solution that's right for you and within your budget.



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