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*This product is no longer available. View Christie's current line of projectors.

The Christie® Mirage WU14K-J 3DLP® projector offers exceptional image quality and detail in a compact size. With 12,000 ANSI (13,200 center) lumens for pure presentation power and unsurpassed color accuracy and adjustability, the Christie Mirage J Series platform offers the smallest, high-performance, 3DLP stereoscopic products on the market. The Christie Mirage J Series delivers visually stunning 3D for home theater and entertainment, museums and education, scientific research, manufacturing, oil and gas exploration and anything else in between.

The Christie Mirage WU14K-J delivers:

  • Innovative technology
  • Superior image quality – color and stability
  • Full scalability – with resolution for large 1:1 displays
  • High performance for native source data at 120Hz – pixel-for-pixel source matching
  • An overall low cost of ownership and low cost of operation

Powered by dual-image processing, the Christie Mirage WU14K-J displays full resolution at a native frame rate up to 120Hz. Two standard Dual-link DVI input cards support 330MHz bandwidth for full resolution. The Christie Mirage WU14K-J boasts dual-input 3D.

The Christie Mirage WU14K-J delivers WUXGA resolution, high brightness, the highest contrast and most natural, accurate, stable color for advanced 3D performance with reduced overall operation costs. The compact Christie Mirage WU14K-J is easy to set up and configure, yet performs powerfully and flexibly.

With the Christie Mirage WU14K-J DLP projector you’ll have peace of mind, thanks to its:

  • high reliability, 
  • best price performance on the market, 
  • low cost of ownership, 
  • industry-leading warranties,
  • and access to Christi​e’s renowned customer service.

This projector couples the benefits of Xenon illumination – for the most natural color accuracy and stability - with the next level of technology, performance and flexibility. The additional standard features, an expanded lens suite and world-renowned Christie warranties, service and support, ensure the Christie Mirage WU14K-J provides high performance and more lumens per watt in the smallest chassis in its class.

With the Christie J Series you can customize your model according to your needs. Each projector ships standard with the ILS lens mount, but if you prefer to use your existing inventory of CT lenses or require a yellow notch filter (YNF), you can choose, at the time of purchase, the following options:

  •  ILS lens mount (ships standard)- 132-012126-XX
  • ILS lens mount + YNF* 132-012328-XX
  • CT lens mount*132-012227-XX
  • CT lens mount + YNF*



  • - Brightness: 12,000 ANSI lumens, 13,200 center lumens
  • - Contrast: 1600-2000:1 full field | 650:1 ANSI
  • - Uniformity: 80% brightness uniformity


  • - Type: 3DLP ​0.96” DMD
  • - Native resolution: WUXGA (1920 x 1200)
  • -


  • Type: 2.0kW Xenon Bubble pre-aligned lamp module
  • Life: 1000 hours typical lamp life


  • Standard
  • - Slot 1-2 populated, standard: two Dual Link DVI-D (330 MHz) input cards (each has VGA (165 MHz) for 3D or dual input 3D compatibility) with HDMI 1.3 receiver
  • - Slot 3-4 unpopulated
  • Optional
  • - Analog
  • - Dual link DVI
  • - SD/HD-SDI
  • - Video Decoder
  • - Twin HDMI
  • Signals
  • - HDTV formats VGA through to QXGA (2048 x 1536)
  • - Accepts all current 2D HDTV/DTV formats (optional input module may be required)
  • - HDMI 1.3 receiver supports mandatory HDMI 1.4a 3D modes of operation plus 24-144Hz triple flash 3D mode
  • - Multi-standard video decoder
  • - Horizontal and vertical scaling, all inputs
  • Pixel clock
  • - 330 MHz
  • Scan rates
  • - Horizontal: 15-120kHz
  • - Vertical: 23.97-150Hz (frame lock maximum 120Hz)
  • - 48-60Hz frame doubled or dual input 3D
  • - 96-120Hz frame rate up to 1920 x 1200
  • - 24-144Hz triple flash 3D

Inputs/outputs, control and networking

  • - RS232 In/Out
  • - RS422 In
  • - Ethernet (10/100)
  • - GPIO (RS232 9 Pin male connector)
  • - Built-in, backlit LCD keypad
  • - Remote control (with optional wired XLR connection)

Optical system

  • - Dust-sealed 3-chip DMD light engine
  • - Motorized horizontal and vertical lens offset
  • - Scheimpflug/Boresight​ (tilt) adjustment
  • - Built-in light shutter
  • - Tool-free lens insertion system

Due to constant research, specifications and features are subject to change without notice. 






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