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*This product is no longer available. View Christie's current line of projectors.

The most compact in its class, the Christie Mirage WU7K–M DLP projector provides the high-performance and feature-rich standards you expect – Up to 6,300 ANSI lumens and up to 10,000:1 contrast for crisp, detailed images, excellent color, brightness uniformity control combined with low maintenance.  

Utilizing unique electronics and ultra-high bandwidth processing power, Christie’s technology advancements include Dual Input 3D enabling the display of two discrete 60Hz video channel inputs for high performance 120Hz output. 

 The Christie Mirage WU7K-M features three modes of 3D input.  It supports native frame rate up to 120Hz at WUXGA resolution over Dual Link DVI-D as well as frame doubled content for maximum source compatibility and high-performance, flicker-free operation.  With the addition of a second input module, the Dual Input 3D mode enables the display of a frame locked passive stereo source for high-performance active stereo at 120Hz without the need of a passive to active converter.

The Mirage WU7K-M offers high efficiency and low cost of ownership featuring long life dual lamps, automatic projector shut-down without a signal and adjustable power for cooling fans.


  • WUXGA resolution (1920 x 1200)
  • Up to 6300 ANSI lumens
  • Up to a full 120Hz native frame rate
  • Standard full 330MHz dual-link DVI-D
  • Variable contrast ratio using electronically adjustable iris for crisp, detailed images - 2500-10,000:1 (full on, full off) / 650:1 ANSI 
  • At maximum brightness the projector draws a maximum power of 870W 
  • Smallest chassis in its class
  • Motorized yellow notch filter 
  • Dual P-VIP lamps (200W) 
  • Embedded Christie Twist™ image warping and edge-blending 
  • Dust-sealed engine, filter-free design 
  • Intelligent Lens System (ILS™) for zoom, focus, horizontal and vertical offset
  • AutoDesk® Revit® model
  • Built-in portrait display capabilities*

*Christie M Series stacking frame is required in portrait orientation.

A full suite of specifically-designed lenses offers flexibility and an embedded Christie Twist™ module enables advanced internal image warping and edge-blending.  Easy to set-up and easy to use, the dual-lamp platform offers greater choice and installation flexibility with a more optimal aspect ratio. 

With the consistency of DLP technology, the Christie Mirage WU7K-M offers reliable, affordable, dual- lamp brightness, in the smallest chassis in its class. Combining additional standard features, an expanded lens suite and industry-leading Christie service, the Christie Mirage WU7K-M provides high performance and ease of use for all 3D/Advanced Visualization users.

More pixels, more performance, more reality.



  • - Up to 6,300 ANSI lumens
  • - 2,500-10,000:1 FOFO
  • - 650:1 ANSI
  • - Electronically adjustable iris (manual or dynamic)

Display technology and resolution

  • - 3DLP ​0.96" DMD
  • - Native WUXGA 1920 x 1200
  • - Frame delay: as little as one frame

Input signal compatibility

  • - Native dual-link DVI-D
  • - Analog BNC (optional)
  • - Frame-doubled 3D - dual-link DVI, VGA (HDMI, analog BNC & SDI optional)

Inputs, control and networking

  • - RS232 in/out
  • - RS422 in
  • - Ethernet (10/100)
  • - USB device
  • - GPIO (RS232 9-pin male connector)
  • - Built-in backlit LCD keypad
  • - Remote control (with optional wired XLR connection)
  • - Slot 1-2 standard (populated): dual-link DVI-D (330MHz) and VGA (165MHz)
  • - Slots 3-4 are available for option cards

Optional input modules

  • - Full bandwidth analog BNC
  • - Dual-link DVI input card (330MHz), \- VGA (165MHz)
  • - Dual SD/HD-SDI
  • - Video decoder
  • - Twin HDMI

Advanced feature sets

  • - Embedded Christie Twist™ - internal advanced warping and edge-blending
  • - LiteLOC™
  • - Electronically adjusted iris (manual or dynamic)
  • - Dust-sealed, filter-free design
  • - Reduced power requirements (as compared to competitive products on the market today) – at maximum brightness the unit only draws 870W; standby power consumption (phantom power draw) is less than 20W
  • - Reduced noise levels
  • - LCD keypad – active keys are amber to indicate whether function selected will be seen by the audience
  • - Motorized yellow notch filter
  • - Built-in portrait display capabilities*
  • *Christie M Series stacking frame is required in portrait orientation.

Due to constant research, specifications and features are subject to change without notice.






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