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Roadster S+10K-M SXGA+ 3DLP projector | 118-023106-XX
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*This product is no longer available. View Christie's current line of projectors.

The most compact in its class, the Christie M Series projector platform provides the high-performance and feature-rich standards expected in all Christie products. Embedded warping, blending and color matching, along with built-in portrait capabilities give you even more installation flexibility with this SXGA+ model. 

The Roadster S+10K-M, designed with stagers in mind offers high efficiency and low cost of ownership by drawing a maximum power of 1320W giving you full brightness while using less power.


  • SXGA+ resolution (1400 x 1050)
  • 11,500 center lumens
  • Variable contrast ratio of 2500-10000:1 using contrast aperture (full on, full off) / 650:1 ANSI for crisp, detailed images.
  • At maximum brightness (10500 ANSI lumens), the projector draws a maximum power of 1320W
  • Dual mercury lamps (350W)
  • Comprehensive Color Adjustment (CCA™)    
  • Embedded Christie Twist™ image warping and edge-blending 
  • Dust sealed engine, filter-free design
  • Intelligent Lens System (ILS™) for zoom, focus, horizontal and vertical offset  
  • Multi-windowing and screen processing (up to a 3x3 array)
  • Ships with a stacking frame and four input cards
  • 3D upgradable
  • Built-in portrait display capabilities

All this, combined with a 3-year warranty and our industry-leading service and support, enables the M Series to provide high performance and peace of mind for all users.



  • Dual lamp: 11,550 center (10,500 ANSI, 10,518 ISO) lumens
  • Single lamp: 5,775 center (5,250 ANSI​, 5,259 ISO) lumens


  • 2500-10,000:1 using contrast aperture (full on, full off)
  • 650:1 ANSI (typical)

Display technology and resolution

  • 3-chip 0.95" DLP­
  • SXGA+ (1400 x 1050) resolution


  • - Dual 350W PVIP
  • - High power: 1500 hrs @ 350W
  • -

Input signal compatibility

  • - HDTV formats VGA through to QXGA (2048 x 1536)
  • - Accepts all current HDTV/DTV formats
  • - Multi-standard video decoder
  • -

Standard inputs

  • - ​Twin DisplayPort Input card
  • - Dual-link DVI
  • - 3G SD/HD-SDI
  • -

Due to constant research, specifications and features are subject to change without notice.




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