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Certified, high-performance LED video walls for critical viewing environments.

Christie® Apex Series makes installation and maintenance easy. It is front-serviceable and features an optional remote power supply for installation flexibility, efficient heat management and redundancies. Apex Series is compatible with our ADA-compliant direct-mount system which allows it to be installed directly onto appropriate surfaces, eliminating the need for a costly mounting frame.

This premium LED video wall solution delivers 4K@60Hz resolution, HDR10 compatibility, built-in Clearview technology, and low-brightness enhancements for incredible visual experiences.

E600 Controller for easy 4K@60Hz video walls

4K video walls are easy when using the E600 Controller. Not only is design and installation easier, but with less components in the signal chain, the E600 eliminates image artefacts for an even better viewing experience.

HDR10 compatibility

Your Christie Apex solution will look amazing today, and into the future. Featuring HDR10 compatibility, Apex Series now accepts an even wider variety of popular signals to ensure that your content is always displayed correctly with incredible detail.

Clearview technology

Christie Apex has Clearview image processing technology and low brightness enhancements. These features have been specifically developed to enhance grayscales of LED video walls for improved image and color performance, especially in darker environments where the video wall is operated at lower brightness levels.

A name you can trust

Comprising the highest quality components and designed for uniformity and performance, each Christie Velvet solution is UL60950 certified. This ensures that all the components within the product and solution work together. Our solution components have been tested together and meet the most stringent safety and environmental requirements.

Powered by

All Christie Velvet LED tiles include authentic Macroblock driver integrated circuits (ICs). The Macroblock driver ICs are designed for high image uniformity and performance, offering efficient use of power, precision output control, protection against power surges and more.

Remote power

The Apex Series feature remote power via external AC-DC hot swappable supply modules. Remote power increases installation, servicing flexibility and thermal requirements since power supplies can be positioned away from the display.

The complete solution

When you choose Christie, we work with you every step of the way to map out a solution that will bring your vision to reality. With our extensive range of display technologies, processing and content management systems, we help customers create the world’s most memorable shared experiences. Through our expert advice and working alongside our extensive network of partners, determining the Christie Velvet solution that best meets your needs is easy.

Spec your video wall with the LED designer

With just a few clicks, you can design a wall for your space, create a simple reference diagram and generate a bill of materials so you can order everything you need.

Use the LED designer now


Pixel pitch


Pixel configuration

3-in-1 (1R1G1B)

Pixel density

390,625 pixels/sq m

Brightness (maximum calibrated)

1,000 nits (cd/sq m)

Aspect ratio


Contrast ratio (full field)


* See remote power supply specifications for full details.

** Certain of the listed certifications may be pending and not yet issued. For the current status of the listed certifications, please contact an authorized Christie representative.

Performance specifications are typical. Due to constant research, specifications are subject to change without notice.





​This document outlines the key features and specifications for the Christie Velvet Apex Series LED016-A2L LED video wall panels.

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​This document outlines the key features and specifications for the Christie Velvet E600 Controller.​

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​The Christie Velvet LED video wall bundle is a complete solution that includes everything required to easily integrate a seamless, HD resolution video wall.​

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Christie Velvet LED video wall bundle


​Here are the top questions you must ask before buying an LED display.​

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​Every country or region has a set of requirements for the safety, electronic emissions, and hazardous substances of electronic devices.​

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​Designed to work with remote power units for Christie​ Velvet Apex Series displays, the Christie remote power rack accommodates up to 4 units (N+1 redundancy recommended). It also adds the capabilities of hot swapping and SNMP monitoring to the solution.​​

File format: pdf, 32 KB

Christie Remote Power Rack Shelf Spec...


​This document outlines the key features and specifications for the Christie Velvet LED tiles.​

File format: pdf, 578 KB

Christie Velvet LED Brochure


Christie Velvet LED tiles win product shootout

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