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Featuring laser illumination in white or black projector color options, the Christie® DHD850-GS 1DLP® projector eliminates the need for lamp and filter replacements, providing 20,000 hours of life-like visuals with built in proprietary BoldColor technology. Its small footprint, low weight, quiet operation, full suite of lenses and 24/7 operation durability makes this projector ideal for higher education, places of worship, conferences and smaller location-based entertainment venues.

Key features

  • Advanced color reproduction - Laser illumination combined with Christie BoldColor Technology for the highest quality images, life-like visuals and reliability
  • Durability - 20,000 hours of consistent illumination performance makes it ideal for 24/7 operation applications
  • Built-in color matching - Achieves more uniform images in a multiple projector configuration
  • Built-in warping and blending - advanced (grid-based) warping and blending for complex applications
  • Flexible Connectivity - Optional wireless module for device flexibility, easy presentation set up and standard HDBaseT input
  • Medical Training Capable - DICOM simulation mode for advanced grayscale image reproduction, perfect for analyzing x-rays and medical scans for training purposes
  • TAA Compliant

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Open up a world of color with Christie Boldcolor technology

Christie Boldcolor technology



ISO lumens


Center lumens


ANSI lumens


Contrast ratio

Full On/Off (Christie Real Black enabled): 300,000:1 , Full On/Off (Christie Real Black disabled): 1,200:1

Dynamic contrast


Display type

1DLP 0.65" DMD




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