Christie Twist

Manage arrayed projectors to display virtually any image, anywhere with Christie Twist.

Christie® Twist warping and blending solutions allow pixels to be mapped onto any projection surface, maintaining proper geometry and accurate pixel-to-pixel alignment. These solutions provide the high-quality warping and blending required for arrayed projectors to operate as a single, uniform display with maximum image quality and minimum system latency.



Christie Twist

Christie Twist is a purpose-built hardware and software solution that performs full image warping and advanced edge-blending in Christie projectors using a powerful and easy to use Graphic User Interface. You can control and edge-blend multiple curved images seamlessly. Images can be warped to fit virtually any dimension or shape of display, with precise pixel-to-pixel alignment.

Christie Twist Pro

As an optional software upgrade from Christie Twist, a single license of Christie Twist Pro supports an unlimited number of projectors in an array and offers the following additional functionality:

  • Allows an unlimited and arbitrary number of grid lines
  • Advanced edge-blending and blend masking
  • Rotate and flip capabilities
  • Gradient preview of edge blends
  • Brightness uniformity controller

Christie Twist LT

Christie Twist LT is an external software-based warping and blending solution that is compatible with any Christie projector. Christie Twist LT uses the same user interface as Christie Twist and Twist Pro and requires no additional hardware support within a projector. It allows the image warping and blending functions that are required in multi-channel blended systems to reside within a customer’s Image Generator (IG). Christie Twist LT integrates with Christie AutoCal automatic calibration solution for display systems. It only supports IGs configured with nVidia cards1.

1 Currently supported nVidia cards are Quadro 5000, Quadro 6000, Quadro K5000 and Quadro K6000. Contact Christie to confirm compatible nVidia cards.