We take control room video wall reliability very seriously because we know it’s important to you.

Video wall reliability is one of the most important considerations in control room and video wall monitoring design. For the past 30 years, Christie® has been developing and implementing technologies that guarantee the highest level of 24/7 reliability and display performance.

Features that make our control room video walls the most reliable:

  • We use proven technologies, such as the latest DLP® processing that can withstand constant, long-term use without degrading in performance
  • With an unrivalled >60,000-hour LED illumination lifetime rating, Christie's Entero™ HB and Entero line of display cubes have the highest reliability in the AV industry
  • Zero maintenance design
  • No consumable components
  • Solid state LED heat pipe cooling to promote long life with no annual inspection or maintenance required and no hazardous materials
  • Dust-free sealed optics protect optical components from even the smallest particles.

A reliability milestone — 3,000,000 hours and counting at the AT&T site

In 2007, Christie installed 141 RPMSP-D120U rear-projection engines into a 250-foot wide by 12-foot high AT&T global network operations center located in Bedminster, New Jersey. After three million hours of nonstop use, AT&T’s operating wall had not incurred any hardware failures!  In December 2009, AT&T added 39 more Christie rear-projection engines to their upper display wall, confirming AT&T’s certainty in the reliability of our products.

Christie Phoenix
Content mobility: redefined

Christie Phoenix™ lets multiple users easily access and control audio-visual data securely from anywhere. With Christie Phoenix, the same information, presented in the same format, at the same time is made available to all users regardless of their location. Do more, spend less and benefit from greater performance with Christie Phoenix.

A modular system architecture, Christie Phoenix uses one or many hardware nodes to handle both inputs and outputs to simultaneously encode, decode and display, giving you the best price and performance in the industry.

Network-distributed – Encode, decode, display, simultaneously, all in one box
Secure – Support for HDCP encryption throughout
Available – System is fault-tolerant and can be repaired and/or expanded live