User-friendly operations

Control room video wall solutions designed for flexible operation, set-up and low maintenance.

Christie® is the only US-based manufacturer of complete, end-to-end display systems. Our control room video wall solutions are built to offer greater effectiveness, unparalleled flexibility and ease-of-use.

Christie’s control room solutions can produce images at any size or resolution to meet any requirements – from smaller team-scale systems to large-scale multiple operator configurations.

Flexible operation

Christie's seamless tiled control room display wall solutions:

  • offer multiple screen sizes
  • offer multiple resolutions and pixel density options
  • can handle multiple video and data feeds
  • feature shallow depths and minimal footprint options for restricted space requirements 
  • offer optional lenses for ultimate flexibility in display design 
  • offer retrofitting options with discrete light engines. 


With Christie ArraySync™, our proprietary intelligent, automatic wall color and brightness management system, the display upkeep is “hands off.”  Every system is factory color calibrated using scientific grade spectral radiometers to ensure absolute precision and accuracy. Coupled with a precision RGB color sensing design with 12-bit processing – accurate color management is assured for the life of the display.


Christie was the first to bring a zero-maintenance design to the industry. Now, the Christie Entero™ HB series evolves that ground-breaking platform with the first and brightest, next-generation LED video wall display, and the first to offer wireless control. Wi-Fi® offers the ability to wirelessly set-up, control and manage the display via an iPad® or other wireless device.

Along with traditional control options such as IR remote, serial and RJ45, system and individual display management can be tailored to fit your specific needs.  

Our video wall solutions have built-in edge blending for seamless imaging of multiple projection devices, creating a single continuous control room display wall. Whether your application needs six screens, 96 screens, or 141 screens like the AT&T NOC in Bedminster, New Jersey, this seamless imaging provides maximum flexibility in your control room display design. Stack, tilt or tile the screens in numerous configurations to create maximum visibility for all your operators.

Modularity – for simple installation, easy servicing

The modular display design provides fast and easy servicing – less than 15 minutes Mean Time To Repair (MTTR). And, with set-up “out of the box”  there’s no assembly required, with no laborious installation procedures – installation into the cube is fast and simple.


Combine flexibility, automation, control and modularity together with the ultimate in system reliability, with DLP and solid state LED technologies – and Christie’s control room video wall solutions are the overwhelming choice.

  • DLP lifetime: 160,000 hours
  • LED lifetime: >60,000 hours in normal operating mode, >80,000 hours in eco mode
  • Cooling fans lifetime: >100,000 hours